• Special Summer Flavor

    Ice Cream Sundae

    Try our new Ice Cream Sundae Shaped Macaron filled with strawberry buttercream and chocolate chips. Now selling at Downtown Disney ($3.50) and Brea ($3.25) from June 1st until July 30th!

    Downtown Disney
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Where Past and Present Intersect


When there is a gifting, a calling, and a passion, then there is nothing that can stop you. When your passion overcomes you, it’s impossible to resist. We are sisters who are in love with baking and passionate about what we are doing.


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Kayla's Cake Brea Mall

Kayla's Cake Brea Mall

Savor a moment of pure bliss during your next shopping trip. Right next to Nordstrom on the lower level.

Kayla's Cake Anaheim

Kayla's Cake Anaheim

Enjoy a decadent dessert after dining at one of the world-class restaurants. In the Downtown Disney® District, between Naples Ristorante e Bar and the World of Disney® store.

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