Mission Statement

Kayla’s Cake is dedicated to creating the absolute best French macarons and desserts, using only the highest quality ingredients. We aim to provide each and every customer with a demonstration of our mastery of the culinary arts, while always maintaining an impeccable amount of integrity and passion. Our mission is to influence not only our own team and community, but to broaden our horizons and impact people across the globe with our commitment to finding the epitome of confectionery tastes.


Hello From Our Bakers

Here at Kayla’s Cake, we are passionate designers who take pride in putting the optimal amount of time and effort into our craft. We curate our desserts to be as unique and delicious as if we were baking for our own family and friends. By devoting great amounts of care and diligence to our macarons and cakes, we aim to deliver the most decadent desserts for any occasion. All of our macarons are hand-mixed and hand-crafted, guaranteeing that the steps in our process are handled with the utmost attention and energy. We truly care about our quality, and you can taste it in our results!

Giving Back

Community Involvement

At Kayla’s Cake our goal is to not only succeed, but give that success back to the community that enabled us to get here in the first place. The importance of giving back to the people around us is vital to the heart of our company, and we love being able to share and help people in need.

In our pursuit of returning the love given to us, we have participated in various types of local community work such as volunteering at libraries, coordinating fundraisers, and working with the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) to raise funds for their goal of building hope for the future of our nation. With our own accomplishments we hope to create even more possibilities to continue to greatly aid our community.